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Security challenges

Where to begin?

Security is a complex and expensive topic. From small businesses to large groups, everyone will face cyber-attacks.

43 %
of breach victims are small businesses
50 days
It is the average cost in time of a malware attack
118 K CHF
It is the average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses

Unified solution

What if multiple problems could be solved at once?


Ensure that your environment is not at risk at any given time
  • Continuous vulnerability assessments
  • More than 100 compliance checks
  • Measure the risk over time


Improve your resilience to human risks
  • Raise awareness among your employees
  • Continuous training to face off phishing attacks
  • Gamification of the awareness process
  • Analysis of received email threats

Gamification : Use of game mechanics for learning


A clear and unified vision of your security
  • A panoptic view of risks
  • A clear, concise and actionable executive report
  • Technical annexes to deal with risks


Unlock their potential to make the right decisions

Elastic consulting

  • Expertise on Elastic stack projects for data analysis and security
  • We can help you to design a robust architecture based on your business needs
  • Our certified Elastic experts will guide you along your implementation
  • Get an insight on your current situation to assess if you are on track with Elastic’s best practices


  • Assess your context and problems encountered
  • Identify pain relievers and leverage gain creators to develop a valuable proposition
  • Define attainable, accurate, measurable and actionable KPIs

Analytics platform

  • A complete solution to present your data in a visual manner
  • Explore your data to help you make the right choice
  • Be notified of important events when it matters
  • Our tailor-made reports will help you to get insights about your data

Security Governance

Get your security under control

Security Roadmap

  • Establish a security plan
  • Prioritize security projects
  • Optimize your security costs

SOC Assessment​

  • Assess your SOC maturity
  • Establish a pre-SOC requirement plan
  • Support for the implementation of SOC project

SOC: Security Operations Center

Security Consulting

  • Security Audit
  • Security Governance
  • On-demand security consulting

IT Governance

Keep IT simple


  • Requirements collection​
  • RFP document​
  • Selection of candidates​
  • Negotiation and elaboration of contracts​

IT Audit

  • Scoping of the audit with the client
  • Interviews and collection of information
  • Audit report writing and presentation
  • Recommendations
  • Follow-up of remediation points

Project Management

  • Requirement and business needs​
  • Project planning​
  • Coordination with client and vendor​

IT Service Management

  • Setup of Service management with IT service provider​​
  • ITIL best practices implementation​
  • Definition of SLA

Meet our team

of experienced consultants

Sofiane Ayad

CEO, Co-founder

Sofiane has been working in various management positions for over 15 years in Switzerland. Expert in project management, business strategy and business development, Sofiane has both a degree in engineering and an executive MBA in Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

Ludovic Paillard

CTO, Co-founder

Passionate about security and data science. Ludovic worked as a team leader in the infrastructure field. He was also a security engineer in a SOC. Subsequently, he specialized in data analysis and obtained 2 Elastic certifications.

These experiences allow him to have a multidisciplinary view in the field of IT, security and data analysis.

Sébastien Saez

COO, Co-founder

Passionate about security, Sébastien worked as a security engineer in a Security Operations Center and as a pentester.

He was also involved in security governance mandates as a CISO ad interim for large businesses.

Sébastien holds a GIAC GXPN certificate and is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). He is also an Elastic Certified Engineer and an Elastic Certified Analyst.

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