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Place the human being at the heart of the security approach

IT security training and awareness for all

Cybersecurity is an issue that cannot be ignored: the importance of securing sensitive data and preventing a cyberattack is growing every day.

But the biggest challenge remains: how to make employees aware and understand the importance of cyber security practices.

That’s why we offer fun, experiential-based training for effective awareness. Our trainings help your employees understand the value of putting security measures into practice on a daily basis and work towards building a culture of security within your organization.


Cybersecurity and responsibility

Everyone is a player in global cybersecurity.

The human factor is often overlooked in the equation and treated as a secondary element of security. It is not a matter of “keeping up with cyber”, but of recognizing that this is a collective problem that we must take ownership of.

This is an opportunity for every individual, every organization, and every business to step up: all of us doing our part so that we can make a difference.

This responsibility starts with each of us and extends to the whole world. We are proud to be an active participant in this large-scale transformation.

In a company: IT security is everyone’s business

Let’s not neglect the importance of individual and daily actions to keep your IT pole in good health.

Cybersecurity is nowadays everyone’s business and responsibility, especially within a company.

More than ever and in front of the increase of attacks (phishing, ransomware …) it is important to understand that it is not only the IT team that has to take care of the security.

We are the reinforcements of your IT team.


Innovation and cyber resilience

Cybersecurity as a key indicator to measure your company’s CSR performance.

Cybersecurity can generate savings in a variety of ways. For example: saving on energy costs by reducing the need for cooling systems or other measures that require high energy consumption.

It saves on business sustainability by ensuring that business operations are not disrupted by hackers who may have gained access to sensitive information such as customer data or intellectual property rights.

Above all, cybersecurity ensures financial savings for both consumers and businesses in the form of reduced fraud rates and lower costs.

From cybersecurity to “cyber resilience”

As society evolves, so does the definition of “cyber resilience.” “Cyber resilience” is not just about designing or integrating systems to minimize damage to your organization and ensure business continuity, but also about an organization’s ability to withstand or recover from a cyber attack in a timely manner.

For this transition to go smoothly, it is essential to maintain a good level of security within your company and to be ready to make certain changes.

Soluss will accompany you in this global transformation, step by step and at your pace.

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