Fight against phishing

It all starts in the classic way…

Within your company, you have decided to invest in the brand new antivirus system. Reinforced by an antispam to protect also the emails.
You are then confident: your security is fully guaranteed with these two new purchases.

When one day…

One of your colleagues opens an infected email document, which at first sight, seemed harmless…

The infection spreads like wildfire and immobilizes the workstation that occupies a key position in the organization.

From then on, it is impossible to consult customer data, or even to issue a single invoice.

The result: several weeks of downtime, computer specialists on the verge of burnout, and a panicked management team wondering how to invoice customers.

A simple and harmless email

can lead to the worst:
ID theft, malware, ransomware.

Despite various technological protections, we still receive dangerous emails. Technology alone is not enough.

At Soluss, we believe that it is fundamental to put people back at the center of security. This starts with awareness and internal education.

To do this, it is important to respect a few rules:

  • Practice regular awareness to assimilate information and anchor the right reflexes. Repetition is the key to learning.
  • Prefer practice to theory: we prefer an approach based on experience with real scenarios.
  • Thinking “global” and not “individual” is the key to prevention. Indeed, we all have the reflex to directly delete a suspicious email, rather than alerting others.

Soluss offers you a complete service to fight against the threat of phishing:

In order to accompany you in the treatment of this threat that is phishing, we intervene on the 3 precise pillars of your company:
Awareness to phishing
We offer awareness training for employees through e-learning and realistic phishing simulations.
Reporting a threat of malicious email
We help you to set up a solution to report dangerous emails to alert. We analyze your reports and you receive a quick response on the dangerousness of an email.
Threat Response Protocol to a threat
We set up an emergency protocol to respond to the threat. Proactive blocking actions to limit the impact. Reactive research to identify if your infrastructure has been compromised.

Email is still the main compromise vector


One click can put your business at risk. Change the game: one person’s report can stop an attack. 
Let’s fight together for your safety.

Let’s check your actual security status